Developing Church of England Education

Collective Worship

'The thing I like best about worship is that we can all come together, learn about God and how He can be part of our life' - Year 5 pupil in a diocesan primary school

The daily act of Collective Worship is a legal requirement in all schools. In church schools this is Christian worship and reflects the traditions of the Church of England.

Pupils and teachers value the special dimension worship brings to church school life. When asked about what the daily act of worship meant to them, some teachers said it gave them space to think and call upon God as well as do everything humanly possible to meet the challenges of the day.


Collective church school worship provides everyone with the opportunity to:

╬ express praise and thanksgiving to God

╬ reflect on the attributes of God

╬ reflect on the teachings of Christ

╬ affirm Christian values and attitudes

╬ share each other's joys and challenges

╬ celebrate special times in the Christian calendar

╬ foster respect and unity deepen spiritual awareness

All church primary schools should have close links with their parish church(es). The parish clergy should visit their church primary school regularly to be part of the life of the school, offering spiritual guidance, pastoral support and contributing significantly to the Collective Worship. At key times of the year, services are often held in the local church.

The majority of secondary schools and academies have their own chaplain who offers spiritual guidance, pastoral support and contributes significantly to Collective Worship. Leaders from other Christian denominations may also visit occasionally to contribute to worship in the school.

Collective Worship Policy Guidance

The Collective Worship policy can be downloaded from the Policies section of the Board's website. Further guidance is available in Section 7-11 of the SIAMS Evaluation Schedule and from the Members' Area.

Continuous Professional Development Training

The Religious Education advisers are able to provide INSET on worship and the spiritual development of pupils. Contact Shaun Burns (Primary) or Pamela Draycott (Secondary) for more information.