Developing Church of England Education

Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education

The Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) is a statutory body which is set up by each Local Authority to oversee Religious Education and Collective Worship in Community Schools. 

The SACRE meets at least once each term and is made up of four different committees:

Committee A:

Representatives of religious groups other than the Church of England;

Committee B:

Representatives of the Church of England;

Committee C:

Representatives of teacher organisations;

Committee D:

Representatives of the Local Authority.

The main function of the SACRE is to advise the Local Authority on matters relating to ensuring that good quality Religious Education is provided in all schools in accordance with their Agreed Syllabus. It also advises the Local Authority on matters relating to collective worship.

The SDBE is the nominating body for Committee B of the SACREs in the Diocese. SDBE representatives on SACREs are vital in ensuring that the Church of England is fully represented within the Local Authorities. The SDBE supports Church of England representatives by hosting an annual meeting.  The purpose of this meeting is to enable representatives to come together to discuss relevant issues.

If you are keen to find out more about SACRE please contact Jane Savill.

SACREs found in the Southwark Diocese include:

Bexley Local Authority                       

Croydon Local Authority

Greenwich Local Authority

Kingston upon Thames Local Authority

Lambeth Local Authority

Lewisham Local Authority

Merton Local Authority

Richmond Local Authority

Southwark Local Authority

Surrey Local Authority

Sutton Local Authority

Wandsworth Local Authority