Developing Church of England Education

SDBE Multi-Academy Trust

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The Southwark Diocesan Board of Education Multi-Academy Trust (SDBE MAT) was created in response to requests from a number of Diocesan schools and the clear direction of travel of central government. It was incorporated on the 20th September 2016. The first tranche of schools will enrol in September 2017 with a second tranche joining later in the academic year.

The Southwark Diocesan Board of Education (SDBE) has a long and successful record of supporting its many schools. The SDBE MAT is an extension of this distinguished tradition as the members and directors of the Trust are committed to further enhancing Church of England education within the culturally rich and diverse Diocese of Southwark.

In order to respect the earned autonomy of member schools, the policies and practices of the SDBE MAT reflect the best aspects of Voluntary Aided status. In partnership with the Trust’s schools, the ambition is to promote subsidiarity and solidarity where possible.

The membership of the SDBE MAT consists of one nominee from each of the following: the Bishop of Southwark, the SDBE and the Diocesan Secretary. There are twelve directors on the Trust Board appointed because of their complementary areas of knowledge and skills: two members of the SDBE; an Archdeacon; the MAT’s Chief Executive Officer (the SDBE Director of Education) and the Assistant Director Of Education; three experts - education, finance, legal/commercial; a National Leader of Governance; a Chair of Governors; and two head teachers of schools judged by Ofsted to be Outstanding.

As well as the collaborative and networking opportunities that are available, all member schools are eligible for the core offer of services. These include financial statutory duties; financial support systems; core human resources; core building and land support; emergency support; quality assurance for standards and school effectiveness; and a Diocesan School Improvement Partner (DSIP). In addition, all SDBE MAT schools have access to extra support from the SDBE with such matters as school improvement, human resources, buildings and legal advice.

Further details can be found on the SDBE-MAT website, the SDBE Members’ Area or can be obtained from contacting Sheila Talbott on or 0207 234 9200.