Josephine Copeland

Education Adviser (PT)

Josephine has been a qualified teacher since 1994 and has taught across all primary phases and in a range of community and Church of England schools in both inner and outer London. She has had many senior leadership roles including Maths, SEND, Assessment and Safeguarding. She is an experienced headteacher who is now on her second headship.  In her previous role Josephine was an executive headteacher overseeing two Church of England schools in Southwark as part of a soft federation.  Josephine has vast experience of the Ofsted inspection process and has successfully overseen improvement in schools from RI to Good and Outstanding. In addition to this Josephine has experience of leading significant re-structures in school staffing.

Particular passions and strengths lie in curriculum, attainment, behaviour, child protection, diversity and inclusion, strengthening staff teams, developing individuals for progression and leadership, developing positive parental relationships and strengthening community cohesion across a school.

In her interim post as Primary Advisor at the SDBE, Josephine leads training for senior leaders and governors, supports schools in their self-evaluation and works with local authorities on school performance reviews. Josephine has been involved in working with a range of professionals to ensure school curriculum is diverse, inclusive, reflects the children and families it caters for and promotes equality and social justice. Josephine has worked in the SDBE this year supporting the promotion of their Anti-Racist charter.

020 7234 9200