Welcome to the SIAMS pages for the SDBE. 

As a DBE we no longer have responsibility for the inspection of our schools following the decision to move to a nationally integrated model of SIAMS.  All of the information that you are likely to need can be found on the national website:

As a diocese, we also receive an email confirming the inspection; we then make sure that all of our relevant colleagues are aware of this information.  At the same time, we will confirm who will be speaking to the inspector as part of the evidence-gathering process and, who will be attending the feedback.  It would be very helpful if schools could let us know, as soon as possible, the expected timing for this meeting. 

We have been asked by the central team to clarify that, if you have any SIAMS-related training needs, you should contact us at the SDBE as this is our responsibility and area of expertise.


All of the information that you are likely to need can be found on the national website:


This comprehensive collation of information and documentation includes:

1    A list of the schools included in the latest inspection window click here 

2    SIAMS reports for particular church schools click here

3    Current SIAMS documents and resources including:


We would particularly draw your attention to the National Director’s Annual Report as this comments on the strengths and development areas highlighted from inspections in the past year.  There is much to learn from this detail click here 


A step-by-step guide to the inspection process can be found here.


The application for the latest cohort of training closed at the end of March 2024 and, at this point in time, we have not been advised as to when a new window will open.  We will, of course, share this detail when it becomes available.


If you are interested in training to become an inspector, do please contact us and we will be more than happy to talk through the process with you.  Please note that, as inspectors are now contracted to the national SIAMS team, funding for the training will be the responsibility of the individual or their school.     

For further information please contact


We would highly recommend that you spend some time exploring the wealth of information that is available to you on the national website.  If you do have any questions, you can contact the central team on

The individual contact details for the national SIAMS team are also available here.  

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