SDBE Spotlight is a new streamlined communication for our school leaders and staff to stay connected, engaged, and informed about what's new from SDBE and our Diocesan family of schools.

Spotlight will include news, events, prayers or other information related to a particular topic and include regular and responsive updates to live issues. It will also provide an opportunity for schools to share best practice.

As well as news, Spotlight features:

  • Crucial information updates
  • Reflections for school staff
  • News from our schools across the Diocese
  • Live recruitment and secondment opportunities
  • Upcoming staff development


If you would like to share your successes with colleagues through Spotlight, please send your news and celebrations to Nora Jeffal

Issue #1 - January 2024

Issue #2 - February 2024

Issue #3 - March 2024

Issue #4 - April 2024

Issue #5 - May 2024