NPQLT National Professional Qualification for Leading Teaching

The NPQLT is for teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading teaching in a subject, year group, key stage or phase.


NPQLT starts in February 2024

Apply now:  

Application Deadline: 2 February 2024


Our NPQLT programme will:

  • Develop evidence-led expertise equipping you to respond effectively to the challenges and opportunities of subject/age-specific leadership of teaching, enabling the flourishing of children and adults through an ambitious vision for your area of the school
  • Deepen your knowledge application to enable you to help your department/faculty/key stage keep improving through key aspects of leadership including curriculum, assessment, pedagogy and implementation
  • Develop your subject-specific expertise with access to the latest research-informed thinking and practice across the curriculum areas, drawing through expertise from the Early Career Framework to the development of staff at all stages of their teaching careers
  • Provide you with a dedicated expert coach who will champion, challenge and encourage your leadership journey, developing your specialist knowledge and supporting your wellbeing and resilience as a leader
  • Create networked communities of practice of fellow professionals to support your development for the long-term, enabling the collective expertise of the whole education system to grow and develop


Programme delivery is based on a 4-stage learning cycle which offers a rich blend of online, asynchronous and face-to-face learning experiences:

  • Cycle 1 - Unit Two – Culture, Unit Three - How Pupils Learn
  • Cycle 2- Unit Four - Subject and Curriculum, Unit Five - Classroom Practice
  • Cycle 3 - Unit Six - Adaptive Teaching, Unit Seven - Assessment
  • Cycle 4 - Unit Eight - Professional Development, Unit Nine – Implementation