NPQLPM (NPQ in Leading Primary Mathematics)


NPQLPM starts in February 2024

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Application Deadline: 2 February 2024


This course is for:

  • teachers and leaders with responsibility for leading maths across a primary key-stage or school, or those who want to have this responsibility
  • teachers familiar with mastery approaches to teaching primary maths, who want to improve leadership skills in this area
  • subject leaders in a school already engaged in the primary Teaching for Mastery programme or similar programme example

Our NPQLPM programme will help you to build on previous mastery learning and further develop your skills as a subject leader, developing a positive culture for maths teaching and embedding effective approaches across your primary setting. The programme will support you in leading and developing teachers to:

  • plan lessons, for example sequencing lessons so that pupils can build their knowledge
  • support inclusion of pupils, for example ensuring that the starting point is accessible to all
  • managing their workload, for example by sharing approaches to marking work
  • understand and use consistent maths vocabulary

All of this content will be delivered through a primary and maths specific lens.


Programme delivery is based on a 4-stage learning cycle which offers a rich blend of online, asynchronous and face-to-face learning experiences.

The NPQLPM is a 12 month, evidence informed course. During the programme you will be introduced to the latest research and evidence-based practice in the following areas:

  • Culture and expectations
  • How pupils learn maths
  • Developing secure foundations in maths (maths conference 1)
  • Developing an effective maths curriculum
  • Classroom practice
  • Supporting colleagues to teach problem solving effectively (maths conference 2)
  • Adaptive teaching
  • Assessment in maths
  • Supporting colleagues to adapt teaching to complement mastery approaches (maths conference 3)
  • Professional development
  • Implementation
  • Monitor and sustain improvements in teaching maths (maths conference 4)

Throughout all of these areas, you will focus on how to practically apply this research in your own school.